Why are there no reviews on Bionaire products?

by Maya

Hi there
I just got a Bionaire pure living Air Purifier aer 1 filter series BAP1702C-CN just because it was on sale and seemed to have most of the things I am looking for plus it was on sale.
What is your opinion on this brand/ model?
I am wondering if I should keep it or return and look for a better one.
Thank you.

A; Hi Maya,

Stock up on filters if you decide to keep it because I don't believe it is in production anymore (hence the sale... maybe??).

After owning a few bionaire air purifier models I decided (after writing a few reviews - you'll see a few on Youtube) to skip doing reviews on them and stick to the more robust air purifiers. These inexpensive models (although bionaire had a few overpriced towers too) by Bionaire didn't hold up very well.

But if it was inexpensive and you get some HEPA cleaning out of it for a small room, and it lasts a year, it's probably worth it for cleaner air.

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