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You've probably already read reviews on air purifiers online. For over 30 years, we've been involved with air purifiers and have helped make recommendations for thousands of people. The following information is designed to help you decide which purifier is best for you.

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For 30 years our Reviews on Air Purifiers have focused on:

1 - Which technologies are best for asthma, allergies, mold, and dust ?

2 - What are the pros and cons of each air purifier ?

3 - How can the consumer avoid buying the wrong air purifier?

Plus factors involving replacement filter costs, warranty issues, safety issues and industry problems. We've been involved with design, education, marketing, and industry issues with many air purifier companies since college.

Because today's consumer is more educated and wants more information my reviews now include video reviews on all brands, which often include particle tests, decibel tests, comparison charts, mold/mildew tests and more science. I'm sure that  it is more information than most people want or need but it's there if you ned it.<P>

But the real reason for my involvement in air purifier ratings review s has to do with my own health problems. I first became interested in,and began using, air purifiers in the early 1960's when I was a young boy with asthma and allergies.

Particle Tests

Particle tests, one of the primary methods I use to test the effectiveness of an air purifier, are good for the following:

1) To determine the removal ability for dust, pollen, hair and soot

2) To determine a HEPA filter's ability

3) To remove allergens for asthmatics and allergy sufferers

4) for dtermining the air purifiers ability to remove some forms of bacteria and mold spores

However a particle test does not indicate an air purifiers ability to remove odor, gases, chemical fumes, and many other forms of pathogen (germs, bacteria, etc.). the video below demonstrates the uses of a particle tester for air quality.

How Do I Start?

If you look for the " Best ranking air purifier" or the " Best rated air purifier " (while not a bad starting point) it might be a recipe for disaster. That's because the best seller is not necessarily the best for your needs, or your budget.

To find the right air purifier for your home (or your needs) involves several steps to assure that you purchase properly:

1) Learn the 10 technologies - then you will know which air purifier technology fits your problem

2) Determine the square footage - many people buy an air purifier that is either too small or too large

3) Look at the comparison chart to find models that match both the technology and the square footage. the comparison chart will also help you weigh warranty/guarantee terms, fan volume, and replacement filter costs.

40 Watch videos and read the complete review of each model that matched from the chart.

The Video below takes you through the 10 technologies.

Comparing Air Purifiers

I hope this Air Purifier Rating Review Guide has proven helpful to you.

The comparison chart below can provide more information.

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