Ratings of Room Air Purifiers - Avoiding The Hype


Which ratings of room air purifiers can be trusted to help you get the best one for your needs? Unfortunately most are skewed. Even Consumer Reports has been shown to have biases. Most websites that sell air purifiers will put the most expensive and profitable units at the top. However this does not mean they are best… for you. In this report I'll offer some suggestions for how to determine the best for your needs, and your budget.

It all comes down to what air purifier makes the need, the size of the room, and your budget.

Most Consumers Make The Wrong Choice

In my 35 years of using, recommending, developing, and researching air purifiers for allergy and asthma relief (first as a patient, later as a Health Practitioner) most of my conversations have been along these lines:

Q: "Which Air Purifier is best?"

... to which I answer...

A: "The one that fits your problem"

From there I educate them on the 10 technologies. Then we go about helping narrow the search for the best air purifier to fit their needs.

How To Do Your Own Ratings of Room Air Purifiers

STEP #1 The Video below can, in a few minutes, help you create your own ratings of room air purifiers based on learning the technologies you need, the rooms you have, and your problems. It starts by helping you determine which of the 10 technologies matches your specific air quality problems.

STEP #2 The second half of the video will then give you the in's and out's of Square Footage which factors in ceiling height, furniture, doorways, and deceptive square footage practices (deceptive in the way some companies calculate square footage).

10 Air Purifier Technologies Explained

Steps 3 and 4

Once you have Step 1 and 2 completed you can continue on to the comparison chart or comparison chart video below and the reviews on this site which feature particle tests, specifications, replacement filter costs and videos which take you inside the air purifiers for a thorough look.

A Video I Often Recommend...

Ratings of Room Air Purifiers - Comparison Chart

Q: Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

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