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On this site you'll find the best ratings for air purifiers based on particle tests (video), video reviews that take you inside each machine, comparison charts and consumer opinions. But to get the best air purifier for you watch the video below that will explain the ten technologies and how to properly determine square footage.

Once you have the technology you want and the square footage then read the comparison chart for models that match. After you have chosen several models then watch the complete reviews, videos, and particle tests on those brands from the left menu.


Why Most Ratings Miss the Mark

If you were to simply chose your air purifier based on Consumer Reports top ratings for air purifiers you might, like many consumers, chose an air purifier that is less than ideal. That's because of the following:

1) Because each room is a different size, and since each air purifier is rated for a different square footage, many consumers buy air purifiers that are either too big or small.

2) The ten different types of air purification technology each work in different ways. I have seen, for example, people buy an ionic air purifier for pollen allergies, only to discover that HEPA is the only one that handles pollen effectively.

3) Most ratings don't account for operating expenses. EX: If you buy the most expensive air purifier on the market you'll also be paying $190 every 6-9 months for the replacement filters (See the comparison chart for replacement prices).

Ratings for Air Purifiers - Particle Tests

Particle tests are the only way to determine whether an air purifier can remove dust and pollen effectively. Few particle tests exist online, but on this website you'll find we have tested almost every brand.

Ratings for Air Purifiers - Video

Because of my technical background (or maybe my geeky nature) I like to see what I am buying, whether it's a house, a car, or an appliance. Because any air purifier is only as good as the filters inside I have taken the time in every video review on this website to take apart each air purifier. This way you can see the filters inside each machine.

Finally the comparison chart (Video and Visual Version below) on this website will give you a good look at filter prices, warranties, prices and filters included.

The link below takes you to my Top 10 air purifiers reviewed in video format.

Top Ratings For Air Purifiers

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