Rainbow Air Purifiers Reviewed

Retail Price: $319



Rainbow air purifiers are ozone based air purifiers that can eliminate mold and odors effectively, in fact for mold I haven't seen anything better. If these are your primary problems then this is worth a look, however ozone does not do much of anything for pollen or dust by itself. Rainbow Air Purifiers are very similar to Ecoquest (now called Vollara, called Alpine before that) except in a metal case instead of a wooden case. The price is also 1/2 or more of the Ecoquest brand, probably because the Ecoquest is sold through MLM. The dangers of Ozone to the lungs, and how ozone works, is covered in the video below.

Ozone will remove offensive odors caused by tobacco, smoke, urine, pets, mildew, diapers, formaldehyde and other chemical fumes.  You might have to change the plates every 4-9 months which can set you back $50 or so as well.

Video: Dangers of Ozone

Pros and Cons


1 - Inexpensive way to eliminate mold or odor

2 - Fairly low maintenance

3 - Covers 750 sq. ft.


1 - Can harm sensitive lungs

2 - Does not help with dust, pollen, hair

3 - Does not kill viruses or bacteria as well as UV, if at all.

Specifications and Technologies

rainbow air purifiers

Retail Price: $319-349

Purification Technologies: 1

Square Footage: 750 SQ. Ft.

Replacement Filter Costs: $50-60

Yearly Costs: $50

Decibel Level: N/A

Warranty - 2 years- parts and labor

Number of Speeds - Variable

Dimensions :   12" length x 9" wide x 7" tall

Weight:   12 Lbs.

"Richardson" Air Purifier Rating

1. Technologies Included: (out of of 10 technologies) 1

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 1

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.) 1

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke)9

5. Longevity/Quality 9

6. Noise Levels 5

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty 4

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) n/a

10. Price Value 4

Score: 43 = Fair


If you're only trying to kill mold, eliminate smoke or remove odors it would be a fairly good choice. For everyday use I would suggest you avoid ozone and go for a multi technology air purifier starting with HEPA. If it's allergies or asthma, run for the hills. Better yet look over the comparison chart via the link below.

If, after reading this review, you decide that ozone is what you want then you can save some money by checking out this ozone air purifier model here.

Rainbow Air Purifiers Comparisons

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