Rainbow air purifier

by Jecery
(Los Angeles, ca)

What is review on the rainbow air purifier?

A: Are you talking about the rainbow air purifier called the rainmate air purifier? Or the rainbow by the same company that makes vacuum cleaners?

The Rainmate is a water based air purifier which cleans the air (a very small area of air - like 5 feet by 5 feet) by pulling air through water. The nice thing is this rainmate rainbow air purifier has little cost, and it will pull out some dust, but that's about it.

The Rainbow air purifier by the Rainbow vacuum company is another story... it's a high powered vacuum cleaner which uses air sucked thorough water for occasional cleaning of dust in the air. Good for quick needs before a party (or mother-in-law) but not practical for day to day air cleaning...

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Feb 18, 2017
Company did not disclose full details NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought the vacuum and agreed to the $2900 price. A month later I find out the company took out a $4000 loan under my name for the product. I did not consent to the $4000 loan for a vacuum. The company did not disclose that information. When I stated that i did not consent to the $4000 price and that they can take their machine back they stated they will not and that they will be putting it on my credit. Its a scam. Dont waste your money. You can get the whole system online for less than $1000.

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