Rabbit Bio GS 2.0 Ultra quiet AIr purifier review

by Derrick
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Have you done a comparison with the BioGs 2.0 in terms of odor and smoke removal?

I see you gave the MinusA2 only a 7/10, where every other review gave it a 9/10, regarding it ability to remove chemicals/VOC's from the air.

Derrick Stinson

My Response

Don't get me wrong. I loved my Minusa2 and the Rabbit Bio GS 2.0 Ultra quiet Air purifier (and all the Rabbit Machines). My 7/10 rating was more for the cost of the machine and the replacement filters being WAYYYYY OVERpriced!

Regarding your other questions: Did you see some of the online reviews about chemicals and VOC's from customers where the Rabbit didn't do so well? This machine is more geared toward the Dust/Allergen aspect of the air, so it might not be as effective as others for that.

Rabbit for VOC/Chemicals -- The carbon filter part of the filter is somewhat washable, and that's the primary method the Rabbit has for gas and fumes, etc. not included is electrostatic which would do more of the job on these pollutants.

To find the best prices and customer reviews on the Rabbit Bio GS 2.0 air purifier try here:

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Price comparison And Reviews(SPA-550A)

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