Q: What are your Top 3 recommended air filters for a family living in Shanghai, China ?

by Cynthia

Greetings from Shanghai!

First of all, what an amazing and helpful website with a wealth of information for the consumer. We are a a family of 4 (if you count our dog!) - 2 adults, a 1-year-old, and a beagle. We just moved to Shanghai where EVERYONE has an air filter in their homes. We have a couple of old Philips filters that we used prior to moving to China, but feel like we need something a bit more serious given the pollution index rating today was 162 (anything over 150 is considered "unhealthy"). I worry about our young daughter mostly. We vacuum every day due to our dog and are starting to look purchasing a few air filters, which is how I happily stumbled upon your website. Many expats here have the IQAir filter....if you think it's pricey in the US, it costs about double here - not even counting the filter replacements. After watching your video where you take the unit apart and compare it to the Alive Air filter, I can understand the hype. It is a great machine, but just thought I'd ask your professional opinion regarding what a couple of other alternatives might be - especially considering the air pollution factor.

I appreciate your input and hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,

A: Look for these technologies first - HEPA (for dust and solid particles) and then negative ionization (either in a purifier or by itself as a plugin) next because pollution kills ions which are necessary for good health. If you can include washable electrostatic (for pulling negatively charged car and industrial pollution) on top of these two even better.

Regarding room size- unless the home is one big room (no doors or walls) then you need an air purifier for each room. Air does not pass through doors or around walls, because it "circulates"

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