Q: Air Purifier Electrostatic Filters harmful to pets?

by Kristine
(Baltimore, MD)


I have heard that electrostatic air filters can be harmful to pets but don't know if this is fact based. Is there any evidence to support this? I am looking into purchasing a quality air purifier for my small condo with poor ventilation. I am an allergy sufferer and live near a busy road. When the HVAC is running, it brings in dust and pollen. I have two small dogs and before making a decision about which type of purifier to buy, I want to be sure whatever I buy is safe to operate around them. If you have any information, on this subject, I would be very appreciative. Thank you.




Hi Kristine,

Yes some (not all) electrostatic air purifiers produce harmful ozone which can harm human and animal lungs. Of course you're better off starting with HEPA for dander, dust and then Negative ion for healthier air for you and your dogs.

If the machine also has electrostatic make sure it has the honeycomb and not the plate style (Hoeycomb electrostatic has holes in the plates. The plate type are flat, no holes). The honeycomb do not (as I have seen) produce ozone.

My Best


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