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In my Oreck Professional Air Purifier Review I will be sharing the history behind this machine, from it's production in China, to revealing some of the problems consumers have reported with this best-selling air purifier. In this way you can decide whether it's a match for your needs. In the video review below I take the Oreck professional air purifier apart to show you the "guts" of this machine.

Should you pay $349 for it? My conclusion will give you the truth about what it's good for, and when it falls short of the claims.

Infomercial Markups

The Oreck Professional Air Purifier (where is the amateur version??) is probably responsible for more awareness about air purifiers than any model on the planet.

In my career I had a chance to produce several nationwide infomercials. The Oreck Company was blessed and opportunistic when the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air purifier infomercial was pulled from TV due to harmful Ozone levels created by it's "washable plates". This created an opening for the Oreck Professional Air Purifier to be sold via infomercial. If you're now thinking "Wait, the Oreck also has Washable Plates" you're right. But they produce less Ozone. More on that later.

To have a successful infomercial a company needs at least a 5-7x markup to cover the cost, and leave room for profit. Store profits are usually half that. Web-only products (EX: DELL computers) can compete by charging less than stores. All infomercials follow this formula, giving you an idea of how much an item really costs.

Made in China

Most air purifiers today are made in China today because of the low production cost and the quality level is much higher. Now that the Oreck Professional has added Ultraviolet light, and labor costs have risen in China, the cost of production is up. That's why you see the TV infomercial less.

A friend of mine (I promised not to use his name) was the original TV spokesperson for the Oreck professional air purifier before David Oreck. According to him Oreck was paying $35 to have it made in China. I know the factory because it is one we have used and it is a well run operation. Oreck's "Truman Cell" in the machine I believe is made in Japan. The reason is probably quality, although sometimes the Chinese tend to duplicate products as patents mean nothing to them.

Questionable Claims

The Oreck professional air purifier infomercial says a few things which I have questions about:

1) "Quiet Operation" - My Oreck machine is not quiet (28 decibels at low speed). It also makes a zapping noise on occasion, although this is remedied by cleaning it. This electrical zapping noise is caused by static dust on the charged plates .

2) "Helps with Dust and Alelrgens" - The washable "ionic" plates (they call them Truman Cells) won't gather dust or allergens like a HEPA filter, although a small amount of dust will attach to the plates because of static. That's why I don't recommend the Oreck for allergies, unless you're allergic to smoke.

3) "Never have to change filters" - In the video you'll see the tiny "odor eater" (really a charcoal filter) which has to be changed every 4 months according to the manual. Cost = $49.95 for 2. It absorbs odors and chemicals. By calling it an "odor eater" and avoiding the word filter they claim "no filters".

The Oreck purifies the air using the washable "Truman Cells" that are charged plates (+ and - ) which will attract pollution and kill smoke particles like a magnet.

Types of Purification in the Oreck

Here are the filters for the Oreck Professional Air Purifier that includes Helioshield UV light. You can also watch the video to see them.

Stage 1 A washable pre- filter to grab dust and hair.

Stage 2 A tiny carbon filter for catching odor and smoke.

Stage 3 The Truman Cells which kill odors and smoke and will attract a little dust.

Stage 4 A Negative Ionizer - for health air and killing odors out in the room (outside the machine)

Stage 5 Ultraviolet light for killing germs and viruses. This was a welcome addition.

Pros and Cons


1 - Washable Plates

2 - Oreck store makes repairs easier

3 - Good for smokers


1 - Only covers a small 8 x 10 room

2 - Tiny Carbon filters are pricey @ $49.95

3 - Without HEPA works poorly for dust and allergens

4 - Pro-rated 3 year warranty means breakdowns will cost you money

5 - UV light has to be replaced by a factory store

6 - Overpriced for the square footage

Specs and Tech

Oreck Professional Air Purifier

Retail Price: $399.00

Technologies: Five (with UV)

Square Ft. 216

Replacement Carbon Filters: $49.95

Yearly Cost To Service: $100

Decibel Level: Low = 28

Warranty - 3 year limited

Fan Speeds - 3

Filters - Carbon, Truman Cell, and Pre-filter

Oreck Professional Air Purifier Review

 "Richardson" Air Purifier Rating

1. Technologies: (out of of 10 available) 5

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 2

3. Immune Threats (Germs, Bacteria, etc.) 6

4. Gas Removal (Odors, Smoke) 4

5. Quality 7

6. Noise 5

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty 3

9. Customer Service (reviews) 2

10. Overall Value 3

Score: 46 = Fair


Although I have owned the wreck Professional Air Purifier I'm not a fan. No HEPA means it's less than adequate for allergies. And it's small. Since it will only cover 216 sq. ft. (on high) it is not only for a small room but also too loud for sleep. At $399 I consider it overpriced.

If you suffer with allergies look at the comparison chart (left menu) for better choices. If you're a smoker the Oreck XL might be a choice because you won't have to buy HEPA filters.

Click on the link below to see the Oreck professional air purifier as it compares to other brands...

Oreck Professional Air Purifier Comparison Chart

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