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This Oreck Air Purifier Review is quite comprehensive, from the factories in China to the problems consumers report on this infomercial air purifier. I hope this Oreck review helps you decide if the Oreck is a match for your needs. If you like to know everything then you'll enjoy my Video Below: " Oreck Air Purifier Review " where I take it apart to show you the filters inside of this air cleaner.

is it worth $349.95? At the end I hope you'll know the truth about what it's good for and where it falls short.

TV Markups and Oreck

I once represented a vitamin company and had the opportunity of producing an infomercial which was seen across the U.S. To have a successful infomercial a company needs at least a 5-7x markup to cover the cost, and leave room for profit. Store profits are usually half that. Web-only products (EX: Amazon, DELL computer, etc. ) can compete by charging less than stores. All infomercials follow this formula, giving you an idea of how much an item really costs.

David Oreck was lucky when Sharper Image had their Ionic Breeze air purifier infomercial removed from Television because it produced damaging Ozone through it's "washable ionic plates". This allowed Oreck Professional Air Purifier to take it's place. Maybe you realize that Oreck has washable plates too. However the Oreck plates don't produce a dangerous level (due to smaller plates), although some consumers are sensitive enough that there have been problems with it.

Chinese Made

99% of all air purifiers are now manufactured in China. This is due to the low cost of production and labor. The Oreck has been cheaply made there for many years. Since has added UV light to their air purifier, and labor prices are up in China, cost is up. Perhps this is why we see the Oreck infomercial less often.

A business associate I know ( name witheld) was the 1st TV salesman for the Oreck air purifier before David Oreck was on the show. he shared with me that the Oreck cost was $35 back then. I am familiar with the factory, having used it myself for products, and it is a good operation. I did hear that the "Truman Cell" itself is produced in Japan. I don't know if the nuclear problems will affect the Oreck Air Purifier and parts or not.

Misleading Claims ??

In this Oreck air purifier review I'd like to add a few words issues I have with Oreck:

1) Quiet? - Despite the infomercial claims my Oreck XL cleaner is loud, and even on low is too loud for me to sleep (28 decibels) .

2) Help With Allergies - The washable Truman Cells, which are ionic plates, don't gather much dust or allergens. HEPA filters are much, much better. I don't recommend the Oreck for allergy sufferers.

3) "No filters to change!" - Simply untrue. In my video you see the filter in my Oreck Machine. By calling the charcoal filter an "odor eater" (really a charcoal filter) Oreck avoids the word "filter" . This carbon filter needs changing every 4 months (read the manual). It's tiny, yet is priced at $49 for 2. It will absorbs odor and smoke.

How It Cleans The Air 

Now let's take this Oreck Air Purifier Review and look at the filters. I include the newly added Helioshield UV light. The video shows you all of these filters.

Stage 1 A washable screen filter grabs large dust and pet hair.

Stage 2 The tiny carbon filter absorbs odor.

Stage 3 The Truman Cell kill odors, and smoke.

Stage 4 The Negative Ion Generator - Makes the air healthy, as in the forest.

Stage 5 UV light kills viruses & germs.

[ Oreck Air Purifier Review ]

Pros and Cons


1 - Easy to find parts

2 - Good for smoke

3 - Washable plates and pre-filter


1 - Small rooms only - 8 x 10

2 - Expensive odor eaters = $49.95

3 - No HEPA means poor for allergens

4 - Pro-rated 3 year warranty (pro-rated often means you will have to pay for repairs)

5 - UV light cannot be service by anyone but a dealer (every 9 months)

6 - I feel this unit is overpriced at $399.


Oreck XL Air Purifier

Online Price: $399.00

Tech: Five Filters (with UV)

Sq. Ft. 216

Carbon Filters: $49.95

UV Price: N/A (dealer will not give price over phone) Noise: Low = 28

Warranty - 3 year limited

Fan Speeds- 3

[ Oreck Air Purifier Review Copyright 2011]

My Oreck Air Purifier Rating

1. Tech: (out of of 10 available) 5

2. Particles (Pollen, Dust) 2

3. Immunity (Germs, Bacteria, etc.) 6

4. Gases (Odors, Smoke, Chemicals) 4

5. Quality 7

6. Noise 5

7. Easy to Use 9

8. Warranty Terms 3

9. Customer Service (reviews) 2

10. Overall Value 3

Score: 46 = Fair

Oreck Air Purifier Review - Conclusion

I bought an Oreck XL Air Purifier and found it did well with smoke and odors. But for allergies I use a HEPA Air Purifier. The Oreck is quite expensive at $399 for a small room (8 x 10) air purifier. It's also a bit loud.

The reviews and comparison charts on this page (see below) can help you choose and compare.

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