Oreck Air Purifier Consumer Report

The following oreck air purifier consumer report takes you 'inside" the Oreck story with the following video which will show you the filters, how they work, and then the story behind Oreck. At the conclusion I'll give you my opinion on whether or not, and when, to consider buying an Oreck air purifier.

As a Consumer, a former Health Practitioner, and a natural health author, I like to do research before recommending anything (including air purifiers) to my friends and colleagues. This report comes from both my 35 year background in the Health Field, and more importantly as a former allergic and asthmatic patient myself.

Infomercials have an interesting history on TV, and while effective at educating people to new products, they also yield an interesting result. The markup on products have to 7 times the cost to be profitable. And here is here it gets interesting with air purifiers.

To make an air purifier sell profitably on TV you have to remove technologies from the design that drive the price up too much. Hence most air purifiers on TV fail to include what I consider to be the most important technology of all, which is usually the HEPA filter. (cont'd below...)

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Electrostatic air purifiers , like the Oreck, are not very effective on pollen and dust without HEPA. On the other  hand inexpensive air purifiers such as Hunter are mostly HEPA air purifiers which do not include the benefits of negative ions, carbon, and electrostatic.<p>

For people with allergies I would start with HEPA but include 2-5 other technologies - as all airborne pollutants (EX: mold, pollen, germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.) contribute to immune stress. Even if pollen is your problem the other indirect stressors (mold for example) can contribute to accelerate your allergic response.

Oreck Air Purifier Consumer Report - Conclusion

I'm not a fan of the Oreck and the cost for what you get. However if smoke and odor are your problem then a used Oreck might be an inexpensive way to go as electrostatic does help with smoke. If you have allergies or asthma some form of HEPA would be a minimum technology, and preferred to the Oreck models. The video below shows an Air Purifier that covers 3x the space as the Oreck, with twice the technology for less money.

Oreck Air Purifier Consumer Report Comparison Chart

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