Newport 9000 Replacement Filter Sale

Q: Where can I find the Newport 9000 Replacement filter on sale? and What do you think of this filter and how well does it work?

A: Below you'll find a link where you can purchase three of the HEPA Carbon filters which fit the Newport 9000 for only $99 and free shipping. It turns out that this filter is used for several different models. This is $10 less than anywhere else.


Newport 9000 Replacement Filter Review

This is a fairly good filter with your basic HEPA and Carbon combined. The Newport 9000 Replacement filter is a combination of HEPA and Carbon. It has a fairly good size, is easy to install and works rather well. Someday I'd like to see a machine which uses separate Carbon as carbon can be washed and reused, or it can be left in the sun to allow the fumes to release. This would allow less throwing out of filters.
HEPA unfortunately does not yet have a good reusable replacement.

There are several versions of this air purifier  (including the Intellipro from Surround air) , some better than the Newport version, that use this same filter. Thousands have been sold through the world. These filters and the air purifiers themselves come from China.

How To Get More Out Of The Newport Air Purifier Filters

A SNEAKY LITTLE TRICK.....One of the tricks to getting more out of this filter is to turn the filter around and have the Carbon (black) side of the filter facing the front of the Newport air purifier.It's not that the filter works better, or gets any bigger, it's that you can vacuum the black part off every week or so and extend the HEPA a bit more. Be careful with the vacuuming not to damage the cloth however.

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Q: Do you guarantee this?

A; Yes - I have examined this HEPA from the NEWPORT and they are the same make, and same factory.

Q: How long will it last?

A: That depends on the environment (dogs, cats, pollen, dust, etc.) but in the average household I'd say about every 2 or 3 weeks the filter should be checked but most often it will last about 4-6 months if run 24/7 s I do. That's pretty good for its continuous use. The link below takes you to the company with the special pricing.


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