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This is the most stylish air purifier I have ever seen. It looks like a HD TV in the front and has very nice controls. But at a cost of $549 the question is whether it's worth the money compared to other brands. My review will provide the info to decide whether it is for you. The Minusa2 is the 3rd generation air purifier from the Rabbit Air. It replaces the earlier version Minus2A SP-1004. It is made in Korea as are all the Rabbit Air models.

While other manufacturers like Austin Air and IQAIR, which have a higher pricetag, have stayed with a boxier design and older-style technology the Minusa2 is cutting edge. But strangely the high-end IQAIR and the low-end models (like honeywell) are much better known. The higher price of the Minusa2 (and the more popular Rabbit Air Biogs) likely has kept it out of stores where most consumers prefer cheaper models. I also don't see them advertising as well, or as much, as other brands either. You primarily find Rabbit Air online.

So while the technology is ahead of other air purifiers, the Minusa2 is ahead in price and behind in exposure.

An Air Purifier For Small Rooms

When UPS delivered my MinusA2 air purifier I anticipated that it would be bigger, given the cost and square footage claims. It's medium-sized. I'm not sure if 815 sq. ft. is realistic given the size of the fan, filters, and CPM. But the look and sounds it makes (beeps when buttons are pushed) are very sleek. I chose to hang it on the wall with special brackets (an option).

The manual reads that for allergies the sq. footage is more likely 408 sq.ft. which seems more realistic. It's probably marketing which went with the higher number. The variations in the industry are huge, and often exaggerated. There is no standard because some technologies require air to go through the machine, while others like negative ionizers and ozone go out into the room to clean.

The Minusa2 Controls

My MinusA2 does have an air sensor which raises the fan speed if particles are picked up in the room. Other air purifiers (Alive Air Purifier use three sensors - Pollen, odor and dust) on the market also use sensors. The problem with most of them is how “sensitive” they are programmed for, and since every home is different results can vary. I like the idea, but the way they are programmed creates a wide level of results.

A nice design is the indicator light on the side controlpanel. If you watch the video you'll see the light, which goes from blue (indicating clean) to red (for poor) based on the particle level that the MinusA2's sensors detect. If you're like me and run it 24/7 you probably won't see it change, unless pollen or a smelly relative comes in the room.

The Rabbit MinusA2 offers a way to set the sensitivity of the sensors - however I just leave it on high most of the time as it uses little energy to begin with.

The review continues after we review the specs....



Let's review the filters in the Rabbit MinusA2 SPA-780A:

Stage 1 Washable Prefilter - this catches dust and hair when air first enters the machine. By doing this it can help the HEPA filter last longer (HEPA does the same, but for much smaller particles of dust). This version anti-bacterial.

Stage 2 A "Medium Filter" - This cloth Pre-HEPA filter is also anti-bacterial and captures dust and hair before the HEPA. To me it seems somewhat redundant given the HEPA that comes after it. However it makes up for the fact that the HEPA is rather thin (see video). I'm still not sure why Rabbit Air did it this way - unless it was to give the perception that the machine has more filters than others.

Stage 3 BioGS HEPA Filter - For dust and pollen. HEPA is the heart of allergy re;lief when it comes to air purifiers

Stage 4 A Chosen Custom Filter - This filter, which comes after the HEPA filter, gives you a choice of 1) toxins 2) germs, or 3) pets. I can't see much difference between the 3, except in color. Again I think it is more marketing built into the design, and perhaps a way to sell you more filters.

Stage 5 Activated Carbon - A fair sized carbon chambered filter absorbs odor and smoke (see video)

Stage 6 Negative Ions - negative ion generators enter a room. Good for odor and mold. It also makes the air healthier and has a positive effect on cells in the lungs and body.

Five Modes

This air purifier has the following modes: Manual, Quiet, Auto, Pollen, and Sleep Mode.

1)“Auto” mode - this mode uses a "light sensor" which measures the amount of light in your room and turns off the mood light (takes a few minutes) for sleep.

2) Sleep mode - I find this very cool. The Sleep Mode Indicator turns on in Silent Mode with the "auto" function on. Then is it automatically switches off the Mood Light (thank God) and the Air Quality Indicator so you can sleep. Some other air purifiers have annoying lights you cannot turn off (get out your duct tape!).

3) Pollen Mode - To be honest I can't figure out what this does. I even called Rabbit for an explanation and the person I spoke with didn't give a definitive answer.

4 & 5) Manual and Quiet mode are self-explanatory.

Mood Light ?

A friend of mine said that items like “mood lights” are popular in Asia and this unit has a light bar across the front panel that fluctuates (the video shows it) between pink and blue. Fortunately it's not on all the time. According to the Company:

The Mood light "…helps set a calm, soothing ambiance. A mood light on air purifier helps to normalize blood pressure, pulse, and facilitate deep breathing, which puts a person in a state of long-lasting calm and relaxation."Unless it comes with an acupuncture treatment or a yoga book I think they went too far with the claims.

Pros and Cons


1 - Has 5-stages of filters plus ion

2 - Good warranty

3 - Can be mounted on a wall

4 - Great controls and electronics

5 - Sleek design

6 - Uses a Brushless motor which is quiet and smooth


1 - Expensive at $549.00 2- Only 400-800 square feet

3 - Replacement filters gets quite expensive @ $100

4 - Not as quiet as I expect on low for sleep (26 Db)

5 - Nothing for viruses and germs

Specs and Tech

Online Price: $ 549.00

Filtration Methods: 5-6

Square Feet: 812 (406 for allergies)

Replacement Filters: $100 (for the HEPA, 2 medium filters)

Yearly Expense: $100-140

Decibel Level: 26 on low

Warranty - 5 Yrs.

Fan Speeds - 5


Richardson Rating

1. Technologies Included: (out of 10 available) 6

2. Particle Removal (Pollen, Dust) 9

3. Immunity (Germs, Bacteria, Virus, etc.) 3

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke) 7

5. Longevity/Quality 9

6. Fan Noise 8

7. Easy to use? 9

8. Warranty Terms 10

9. Customer Service 9

10. Price Value 6

Score: 76 = Excellent

Minusa2 Conclusion

If it weren't for four things this would be my favorite air purifier: 1) Expense

2) Replacement filter cost

3) Nothing for germs, bacteria, viruses (no UV)

4) Square footage for allergies (400)

The design and looks are the best. The filters are good although I believe the extra "medium" filters to be redundant. Great for allergies. If style is more important than money it's a good choice.

If I wanted to do my bedroom and living room the Alive Air would be a better choice since you could get 2 for the price of one Minusa2 ($549). It has UV, covers more square footage and has UV. You'll sacrifice looks, but save money both now and in the future with affordable replacements ($40). Retail Price: $549


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