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Having tested and owned the IQAIR models for many years (see my videos below) and having owned many of them I often get asked whether they are worth the very expensive price tag. That all depends on what you are "specifically" trying to accomplish, and your budget. Because the IQAIR profit margin is greater for marketers the IQAIR purifier is heavily promoted to consumers.

Unfortunately many people buy the IQAIR when they could have saved money by buying a purifier which better fits their needs. In rare cases however the IQAIR is "just what the Doctor ordered". For most homes there are much better options, but let's look at the IQAir more closely.

Asthma, Allergies, and Lung Conditions

Yesterday (at the time I an writing this) a woman in South Carolina named Linda, with severe allergies and asthma, called me about an air purifier she had purchased a few months before. She wanted advice on buying another one, as the one she owned didn't seem to work for her needs. Linda lives downstream from a papermill - which means there are chemical odors and fumes in her air all the time. Mold and dust also create asthmatic conditions. Because of the severity of her sensitivities (and I used to be the same) several things are critical:

1) She needs an air purifier that removes as many particles as possible from the air

2) She needs superior removal of odors and chemicals

Of course moving from that area (which I suggested) would be even better but her finances, and the current market make it tough. In this case I suggested she try and find a used IQAIR purifier or an Austin Air on Ebay. That's because it's larger HEPA filter and large Carbon Chamber would do a better job than smaller air purifiers (although the IQAIr will do little for killing any mold in the home).

IQAIR Purifier - Great Reputation

The IQAir's list of awards and product reviews often come up as #1. There is no doubt it is well made, although many improvements and technology upgrades that are now available are overlooked in the IQAIR's design. Here are some of the awards and ratings on the IQAIR purifier:

Consumer's Digest made the IQAir cleaner a "best buy" (December 2004)

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority used IQAIR during the SARS outbreak

An Independent German Consumer journal called Test Magazine rates HealthPro Best.

IQAir was chosen by the American Lung Association as an "educational partner"

Several paid, and biased marketers also rate the IQAIR purifier best:

The websites called Air Purifiers America and Allergy Buyers Club rate the Health Pro best. However I have seen and heard instances where, in my opinion, people were sold and/or pushed into the IQAIR when a smaller unit would have done a better job for both their needs and their money. The IQAIR is the most profitable, so I question whether a rating from these sites means much.

The "Discovery Health" TV show did a particle test on the HealthPro Plus yielding a zero particle reading. However having used several particle counters over the years I will tell you that most HEPA purifiers will (and should) yield zero. (see the particle tests in most of my other review on this site).

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" puts IQAIR in the homes they rebuild (a paid endorsement).

Consumer Reports Battles IQAir

Consumer Reports Magazine ranks the IQAIR as #20. In response IQAIR fired back:

“Consumer Reports air purifier review completely fails consumers,” says Frank Hammes, President of IQAir. “It took Consumer Reports 15 years to come to the simple realization that an air purifier should not produce a lung irritant. It could take them another 15 years to realize their entire rating process is fundamentally flawed. Readers believe the magazine is conducting a thorough and in-depth review of air purifiers, but the truth is that their testing is so superficial it causes Consumer Reports to make the wrong recommendations.” IQAir met with Consumer Reports in January 2006 to discuss a number of ways the magazine needed to improve their testing process. “They incorporated just one of our suggested changes into their review process – rating air purifiers by whether or not they produce ozone,” says Hammes. “This one change caused Consumer Reports to drop the air purifier they had recommended as number one for 15 years down to 28th place. If they would incorporate all of the necessary changes to their review process you would see every one of their top recommended products drop down in rating.”

Pros & Cons


1 - High Quality

2 - Big HEPA filter for dust, pollen removal

3 - Good customer service

4 - Good warranty

5 - Rated well


1 - No technology for germs and viruses (like UV)

2 - Expensive cost

3 - Expensive replacement filters

4 - Loud (due to older brush motor style)


Only in cases where there is a chronic condition with the lungs (asthma, emphysema) do I consider the IQAIR purifier a strong consideration. The extremely expensive maintenance costs of the IQAIR, and initial expense of it, doesn't make it a very cost effective air purifier brand. But in cases where a persons health is sensitive or even fragile I would not spare the expense.

For the average family, or the average person with allergies, the money would likely be better spent, in my opinion, by buying 2 air purifiers to cover 2 rooms. The money savings would also continue over time with more affordable hepa filter replacements.

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