Ionic Wind Air Purifier Review

Viatek's Ionic Wind Air Purifier Cleaner (with Night Light) is a small simple ionizer. There are several good things about using an inexpenisve plug-in like this, and several downsides to them as well.

I'll start by explaining what a negative ionizer is, an "ionic" machine, and then we'll cover the pros and cons. I started buying negative ionizers and ionizers like this as a young boy because of their reported benefits for asthma.

Viatek cleverly gave this model a name very close to "ionic Breeze Air Purifier" model which was highly popular before it ran into problems when it created ozone. In fact you can think of it as a midget ionic breeze air purifier.

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What Are Ions and Ionizers ?

If you watched the video above then you now know that negative ions, ionizers, ionic, and ozone can all mean completely different things. Most "ionic" (almost the same as electrostatic) machines - including the Oreck xl air purifier and the ionic breeze - use positive and negatively charged plates to clean the air.

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How It Works

The Ionic Wind Air Purifier is a "plug in" air purifier that collects some airborne particles with its electrostatic cleaning technology. This simply means that it has charged plates to attract positive and negatively charged pollutants.

It has a two speed little fan that pulls the air in past the electrostatic stainless steel grid. It has a slide out stainless steel grid (plates) that is easy to clean. Just wipe the grid once a week. I'm not sure if it is washable but if you wash it make sure you let it dry first to prevent shocks.

Features and Specs

The Ionic Wind Air Purifier Claims to:

* Reduces Pet Odors, Kitchen Odors, Smoke

* Cleans the air while you sleep

* Slide out stainless steel grid for easy cleaning

* Simply rinse or wipe clean - No filters to replace ever!

* Soft Glow LED Nightlight

Ionic Wind Air Purifier Conclusion

Something this small is probably good for a bathroom to keep odors down. I'm not sure if it produces any ozone but that would be my main reservation.

For $10 dollars it would take some of the pollution and odor out of your home.

Other than a bathroom I don't think I would both much with this air purifier.

Ionic Wind Air Purifier - How It Compares

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