Idylis Air Purifier Review - 280 and 200

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While the Idylis Air Purifier 280 is sold exclusively at Lowes it is just one of several Idylis models that were designed and made in Korea:

Idylis 100 Air Purifier - $89

Idylis 125 Air Purifier - $128

Idylis 150 Air Purifier - $159

Idylis 200 Air Purifier - $246

Idylis 280 Air Purifier - $299

All Idylis models are made by the Woongjin Coway Co. Coway is a big company which controls most of the air purifier and water filtration business in Korea. Their operation in Los Angeles is on Wilshire over near Griffith Park - to support their Lowes distribution strategy. Their Korean headquarters is over near seosomon crossroads if you know Seoul at all.

They also make the Rabbit Air Minusa2 air purifier (my video review of it is here - Rabbit Air Minus A2……!) which is really the Coway Ace AP-1004AH.

But probably more of the story than you wanted. On with my Idylis air purifier 280 review.

Stages of Purification

Now let's take a look at the filters and technology for cleaning the air. As seen in the picture below the Idylis air purifier (model #280) has only 3 stages:

Stage 1 Hepa - removes dust and pollen.

Stage 2 Carbon - removes smoke and gases.

Stage 3 UVC - ultraviolet - kills germs and viruses. Although it is very small.

I wish they would have added negative ions and a pre-filter. Inexpensive to add a washable prefilter would extend the filter life and negative ions would help with odor, mold killing and make the indoor air healthier.

The HEPA and Carbon filter is rated for the following CADR numbers, although the AHAM CADR numbers are something I am not a proponent of using. AHAM is a political lobby and the CADR numbers can be artificially manipulated by making the fan stronger while reducing the HEPA effectiveness.

Dust - 290

Tobacco Smoke - 280

Pollen - 285

More about the specs further down the review...

Pros and Cons


1 - Convenience of replacement filters and returns at Lowes

2 - Korean Design

3 - HEPA to remove dust and pollen


1 - Expensive at $299 for an air purifier only covering 400 sq. ft. model

2 - Loud on high

3 - Only 2 filters

4 - No prefilter to extend HEPA life

The video below, while not the Idylis, shows the filter technologies available

Specifications and Technologies

Purification Technologies: 2

Square Footage: 434 SQ. Ft.

Replacement Filter Costs: $30-40

Yearly Costs: $100

Decibel Level: 43.5 (which would be great but mine tested higher on a dB meter??)

Warranty - 5 year Limited

Number of Speeds - 3

Filters - 2

Other Points & Features I liked:

Small remote control

A night light you can turn off (fortunately!)

A indicator light to change filters

A 2,4,8 hour timer


I didn't find it a great value for $299 because it was limited in both technology and square footage. I brought back theone I found at Lowes.

The 18 month filter life claim (see the label above) is not going to happen if you run it 24/7 the way I did. I'm not sure what their basing that on.

Buying an Air Purifier from a retail store is always a situation where you're paying too much money. The cheapest, most marked up models are sold in stores where you're paying for shipping and high profit margins. Use the comparison video below to find better values.

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