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The Hunter Hepa Air Purifier Brand represents perhaps the biggest seller of small, inexpensive air purifiers. I get asked to review them quite often, but with over 24 models I haven't been able to test them all yet. I decided in this review to start with more of an overview of the Hunter HEPA Air Purifier line and company itself to help you get an idea of overall quality and whether one would work for you.( then i'll take 6-8 months to do reviews of all models, because there are so many!!!)

The Hunter HEPA air purifier line is sold in Big Box stores like Target, Walmart, as well as Home Shopping Club on TV and Amazon online. They are inexpensively made, and are often sold inexpensively as well.

My First Hunter HEPA Air Purifier

I owned a small table top hunter a number of years ago. I wanted something inexpensive to reduce dust in a small guest bedroom. It was about $50 and while it only used HEPA it did remove some of the dust and pollen. I eventually upgraded to an air purifier that included negative ions (for better sleep) and UV (for germs and virus killing).

For my living room and bedroom the Hunter air purifiers (even their "Large Rooom") are simply too small. The most expensive Hunter air purifier only covers a 220 square foot room.

The Hunter Fan Company

While they've been around since the 1800's with fans their air purifier entrance began in 2004. Their speciality being the smaller, low-cost air purifiers sold initially through their fan distributors and stores.

They're headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. John and James Hunter invented the ceiling fan for use in households. While their first fans were driven by water they were soon replaced by electrical fans. The Hunter Company also produces portable fans, humidifiers, ceiling fans, thermostats, vaporizers and air purifiers.

Price range is $69-284.00

The "HEPATECH" Line is their "HEPA only" models.

The following Hunter models are available and current as of this date:

30027 - $69.95 -

30710 - $179.95

30057 - $106.95

30067 - $134.95

30124 - $154.95

30180 - $154.95

30717 - $269.95

30526 - $284.95 - 255 sq. ft.

30378 - $238.95 - 240 sq. ft.

Pros and Cons


1 - Inexpensive

2 - Easy to find filters locally

3 - Hepa grabs dust and pollen

4 - Easy to use, lightweight


1 - Replacement filters are expensive (up to $48)

2 - Not sturdy

3 - Tend to be noisy

4 - Only for small rooms


Hunter QuietFlo™ True HEPA Air Purifiers

Price Range - $106- $269

The Hunter QuietFlo® True HEPA Air Purifier line carries your standard HEPA Air Purifiers but also include an activated Carbon Pre-filter.

The prefilter gathers hair and some dust which extends the HEPA filter life. The carbon in the prefilter helps with odor and smoke removal.


30090 30730 30736 30085 30401 30402

HUNTER PermaLife Air Purifiers

Price Range 159-169

Hunter’s exclusive PermaLife permanent air purifier filtration system means never changing your filter again! The PermaLife filter is easy to clean for optimal performance. Save money and hassle!







Hunter Total Air Purification Air Purifiers

Price Range $104-154

The Hunter Total Air Purification Air Purifier delivers 4 in 1 complete air protection!

1. HEPA filtration cleans 99.7% of pollen, dust, smoke, and other allergens and pollutants from your air

2. Microban protection prevents fungus and mildew from growing on your filter

3. An oxygenating catalyst helps reduce indoor ozone

4. UVC germicidal technology reduces airborne viruses, germs, mold, and mildew





Hunter HEPA Air Purifier Conclusion

The Hunter line is your inexpensive models. They are for rooms under 200 square feet and use Hepa, Carbon and UV is some of their models.

Most of the money is made on the expensive replacement filters. If you're on a very limited budget (like a student) then this inexpensive way may be for you.

Hunter HEPA Air Purifier Compared to Other Brands

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