Hunter air 6 air purifier HSN

by angie
(sebastopol, ca, usa)

Hunter Ultra 6 Air Purifier

Hunter Ultra 6 Air Purifier

I ended up on your site because I was looking for information on the hunter total air 6 air purifier. I saw that you had reviewed some of the hunter models, but there was little information on hunters top performers.

If the total air 6 was not available at the time, maybe you can add that review to your list and see if it compares.

Since you obviously put time and effort into the info on this site, I would love to see how some of the top performers with the latest technology fit into these comparison charts.

When it comes down to it price range tends to be a major guiding factor, so showing comparison charts for models in high, med, and low price ranges would be very useful. Great work so far,

I'll check back sometime to see if there are updates. Since this doesn't compare the latest top performers, I won't be able to use it to decide which purifier I'll buy this time, but I'll check back, good luck to you and have a great day!

A: Thanks for the ideas. The hunter air purifier 6 Ultra have such bad ratings that I find it hard spending the time to write a review on them. But I will do a full review. Calling it a "top Performer" is very hard to swallow (Was that what HSN called it?? They must mean a top seller...).

But here are a few thoughts:

1) Good luck finding the square footage because even in the owners manual it is not listed anywhere. It's about 120 square feet I was told by HSN (although they didn't know off hand and had to ask). If your room is larger than 10 x 12 it won't do much.
2) Look on Amazon and elsewhere and you'll see lots of noise complaints. The cheaper motor in them is the culprit.
3) It's nice getting 2 air purifiers for a low price to cover 2 rooms, I'll give them that.
4) The Limited 5 year warranty does not include parts and labor after the first year, so I'm not really sure what the 5 years will do for you.
5) As for the technology - I like the fact that it includes more than just a HEPA.

Breathe Well,


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