How to remove burning smoke

by Roberta


I have a doubt regarding the ozone filter.
For many years in my city we have had a company that has a laser machine and cuts leather with it. The air around the company smells really bad and it feels like it's a very toxic smell when you breath. Many people feel ill because of it. I feel my nostrils like burning inside and it makes my throat itchy.
The company never used a filter. Now, the lawyers determined that they must use a filter. They bought the ozone filter, I think they just want to disguise the smell, because it is what denounces them.
I've read that the ozone filter reduces de bad smell, but is also not so good.
I was wondering if they use the ozone filter, the chemicals by the burn of leather( chrome VI, etc) that were being released in the air, are going to be filtered as well now?
Or is it just a matter of the air not having smell, but still being bad for the population? Could you enlighten it for me?
What would be the best filter for this company?
Does this filter need to be replaced after a while?
Thanks in advance,


Ozone is very effective at removing most forms of smoke and odor because it disables the molecules. So I imagine that the air is much better if you're not smelling the burn. High levels of Ozone can be harmful to the lungs, and I don't know whether the levels are high or not. You'd need to be in close proximity to the ozone at high levels as well to have a problem which is why I don't suggest ozone in a home for continuous use.

If the factory is some distance away then I would say the levels would be safe.


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