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The Honeywell Air Purifier Filters are overpriced in my opinion, although the units themselves are affordable and sturdy. In the video below I talk about that fact when I go inside the honeywell 50250 I own. The filters for it ran me almost $150, whereas the purifier itself only cost me $200.

In some instances I have even recommended people sell their Honeywell filter air purifier and use the money to buy a new air purifier for less that already has new filters. The comparison chart on this website shows the prices of most of the major air purifier filters on the market.

1. Technologies Included: (out of of 10 technologies) 2

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 8

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.) 0

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke) 0

5. Longevity/Quality 5

6. Noise Levels 1

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty 5

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 2

10. Price Value 6

Rated Score: 38 = Fair

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Price Shopping For Honeywell Filters

I have several methods for getting the best price for Honeywell Air Purifier Filters. I love saving money, but hate wasting time and this method should only take 5-10 minutes.

My method starts after the video...

Overpriced Filters

HEPA filters are often overpriced, in fact a bit too often. It's where many companies make most of their profit, which is similar to ink jet and laser printers. I cover the pros and cons and overpriced Honeywell filters in this video...

The following method will help you shop for Honeywell filters, or any filters for that matter.

Here's How Filter Prices Compare

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters Price Comparisons

STEP 1 - Search on Google

When I have to buy an extra Hepa filter for my air purifiers I start by doing a search on Google. This helps me several ways - to get the part number ( sometimes you can find a bargain via the part number only, or several filters that can match up which cost less) and to get the range of prices.

Here's the steps:

1) Search by Model name and filter (ie: " Honeywell Air Purifier Filters Model ##### "

2) Search by Part number (if you have it).

STEP 2 - Search on Amazon

Next I look at Amazon. Once in a while I find a deal here. Rememeber to factor in that they almost always charge shipping. If Amazon has the filter available make a note for the price.

Step 3 - Ebay

My second step is usually Ebay,since you more often have a chance of finding one at a better price there because someone finds one in their closet as opposed to dealers which sell on amazon or through google. This is especially true if it is a popular model.

Make sure to factor in shipping when you price compare

When It's Better To Buy New

I have had many occasions where the cost of a used unit, with a new filter, has cost me less than a brand new filter from the company itself. Sometimes the cost of two new filters is more than buying new, in which case I factor in how well my air purifier is running.

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters - Conclusion

I hope my buying/shopping method helped you save a few dollars.

Did you find a good price on Honeywell Air Purifier in a new place? If so please email me below and tell me where so I can post it for others....Thanks

Honeywell Air Purifier Filters

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