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It's true that a home ozone air purifier (while good at smoke, mold and odor) can hurt your lungs and airways. But let's start by explaining the difference between ozone and ions, because they are two different things. Certainly there is a lot of confusion for consumers about the difference, and the controversy about ozone.

Ozone Explained - Ozone is a very unstable substance, which makes it good for cleaning smoke and odors from the air. It does not help with dust and pollen. However it is nothing more than oxygen (O2) with an added molecule (making it O3). Simple enough, but what does this mean? It's that extra molecule, created by an electrical process, that can go out into the air and because it is unstable it will attach itself to gas molecules (odor, smoke) and some living molecules (mold spores) killing or disabling them. Unfortunately this is what, at certain levels, also harms the lung tissues.

Ozone vs. Ionizers

Ionizer - Ionizers (ions) are another way to clean the air (Oreck, ionic Breeze, etc.) which uses small washable plates or grids that are electrically charged with positive and negative electricity. This is called an "Ionizer" because it counts on positive and negative "ions" to clean the air. Like a magnet the plates attract any molecules in the air that air negative or ppositive. Since so many pollutants are positively charged the negative plates make a perfect place for them to attach themselves. Then you simnply wash off the plates or grids.However dust and pollen carries little charge so these types of air purifiers are not good for dust or pollen.

The problem with Ionizer plates, or truman cells, is that ionizers can create ozone as a "byproduct". This is why the Sharper Image company had to remove the "ionic Breeze" from the market. And despite claims by Oreck that their machine does not produce ozone consumers are complaining about an "odor" from their machines.

Home Ozone Air Purifier Brands

Besides the ionizers that produce ozone as a byproduct some companies sell Ozone machines.These include:

Ecoquest- Now owned by Vollara. A multi-level marketing company. They sell for over $500

Alpine - The earlier name of the Ecoquest Company. The name changes have been as the result of the government cracking down on the claims by Ecoquest and Alpine as to teh health benefits, as well as consumer complaints from ozone problems.

Home Ozone Air Purifier Dangers - Conclusion

While I do own a home ozone air purifier I only use it for treating my basement, garage and bathroom. In other words I use it for mold and mildew problems only. I also leave the house when I use it to treat a room.

However if you have allergies or any kind of lung problems stay away from Ozone. It does not gather dust or pollen and it can harm your lungs. My primary air purifier starts with HEPA and UV - to gather dust and pollen - and UV, to kill germs, odors, and bacteria.

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