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After 30 years in the air purifier industry I have watched people choose the wrong air purifier system hundreds of times. I'd like to help you avoid making that mistake. My suggestion, as the best way to begin, include these steps: 1) First: Learn the 10 technologies to determine which is best for your needs

2) Review the Home Air Purifier Comparison Chart below to find several models which match the technology.

3) Watch the video reviews, written specs, and particle tests on this site to narrow your decision.

You'll find a review on almost every brand name air purifier on the market via the left menu. A complete list of air purifiers reviewed is available on the site can be found using the link below:

Home Air Purifier Comparison List

There are 10 primary air purification technologies available. The video below covers all 10 and what they help.

#1 HEPA Filters - Particles: Allergies, dust, pollen

#2 UV - Pathogens: Kills germs, viruses, bacteria

#3 Carbon - Gas: smoke, chemical fumes, odors

#4 Pre-Filters - Particles: Hair and Dust

#5 Tio2 - Magnifies UV effect making it much more effective

#6 Ozone - Gas: Smoke, odor, mold (May harm lungs)

#7 Negative Ion - Does remove some smoke, mold and pollution and has a positive effect on the physical body (sleep, breathing, energy)

#8 Electrostatic - pollution (soot), smoke, odor

#9 Water - Collects dirt, hair and dust by passing air through water

#10 Ionizers - Collects pollution and will kill some odor and smoke

Keep a list of the technologies in mind as you review the comparison chart to find models that match your needs.

STEP 2: Home Air Purifier Comparison Chart

Armed with the knowledge of which technologies you want look over the comparison list below with an eye toward which models match your criteria. Most people make a short list of possibilities based on their needs before searching for price.

STEP 3: Watch the Complete Reviews

Via the link below, and the left menu, you'll find complete reviews on all major brands of air purifiers. These reviews include:

1) Spec Sheets

2) Pros and cons

3) Video reviews

4) Written reviews and comments

5) Particle tests for many popular models

Best Wishes finding the right air purifier for you.

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