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A search for the best purifier unfortunately returns thousands of websites. And with that usually more questions than you started with. So let's remove some of the confusion by:

PART 1 - Discover and understand the TEN air purifier technologies to know which can help your issue.

PART 2 - Square Footage: Measure (or estimate) the square footage (Video #1 explains how doorways and high ceilings affect this number and how many manufacturers "cheat" the numbers).

PART 3 - Read the comparison chart to choose several models that match Step 1 & 2.

PART 4 - Watch all the videos and reviews of the models that match your needs, including particle tests, via the left menu.

Follow these four steps, in order, and you will soon discover the best rated home air purifier for you.

PART 1 & 2: The 10 Technologies and Square Footage

The following video explains both the pro's and con's of the top 10 air purification technologies, and how to measure square footage:

Here is a list of the 10 technologies from the video:


2) UV light

3) Tio2

4) Pre-Filters

5) Carbon

6) Electrostatic

7) Negative Ions

8) Ozone

9) Zeolite

10) Water, etc. Each persons needs are different. EX: two people have a dust problem but one person has a large 800 square foot living room, the other a 12 x 12 bedroom. Many people have bought a home air cleaner purifier that is too small for the job, and I've also seen people needlessly spend $800 on a large air purifier for a small room.

Most popular air purifier websites use the confusion to make more money - by selling expensive air purifiers which may not do the proper job but that are labeled "Best". Unlike other sites the reviews on this site give you particle tests, pro's and con's and specifications to help you find the best one for you.

PART 3: Comparisons

Now that you have some knowledge about which type of filters and which size needed for your purifier we come to part 3 - comparing air purifier brands. The comparison chart and corresponding video below (which lists the top 10 home air cleaner purifier brands on the market) can help you choose, or narrow down several models that fit your criteria. This list includes noise, filter and warranty information along with the ten technologies.

PART 4: Home Air Cleaner Purifier Videos

With your list of possible matches you can now watch the video reviews and written reviews from all models in the comparison chart via the left menu above. The menu item which says "more" includes a list of all air purifiers reviewed on this website. The video below is the comparison chart model which shows the most technologies and is our recommendation...

Our Top Pick...


1. Technologies Included: (out of 10 technologies) 9

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 9

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.) 8

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke) 7

5. Longevity/Quality 10

6. Noise Levels 9

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty 10

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 10

10. Price Value 10

Rated Score: 91 = Excellent

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