Friedrich C 90A Air Purifier Review and Test Results

Retail Price: $489-499


OVERVIEW: I start by reviewing the Friedrich C90B which came after the Friedrich C 90A Air Purifier. C90B - replaced the C90A but both are identical versions. I've had one of these for awhile and I call it the "HUMMER OF AIR PURIFIERS". It's big, it's like an industrial strength air purifier, and Consumer Reports has had it at the top of the list for most of it's reviews. When you think of it think of "Truman Cell On Steroids" because it uses lots and lots of washable plates. The technology is also called electrostatic and electronic, but it all means the same.

Video Review of the Friedrich C 90A Air Purifier

3 Stages Of Filtration

Stage 1 - a prefilter which is washable for dust

Stage 2 - A large ionizer (positive and negatively charged air) with many, many plates

Stage 3 - A very thin Carbon filter as the air leaves the machine. It must be changed periodically

Pro's & Con's

Pro's 1 - Large washable electrostatic plates

2 - Covers 500 sq. ft.

3 - Heavy Duty Design

Con's 1 - No UV to kill viruses, bacteria Mold, No Hepa to collect Mold spores, pollen, particulates.

2 - Produces Ozone .005 and .020 ppm - though well below the FDA Standards

3 - Manufacturer stopped making any Air Purifiers including the C90B in 2008 and the C90 in 2005

4 -Parts are still available. Air comes in the back, so can't place it too close to a wall

5 - Requires very frequent plate washing to be effective - every 3 days..

6 - Makes crackling sounds, which worsen if the air purifier's plates are not kept clean

7 - Not really effective with odors and gaseous chemicals

Specifications and Technologies

FRIEDRICH C 90A Air Purifier & C-90B Air Purifier REVIEW Retail Price: $ $489-499

Purification Technologies: 3 Pre-Filter electronic grid, filter plus a final carbon impregnated post filter.

Square Footage: 500 SQ. Ft.

Replacement Filter Costs: Replacement Carbon Filter: $34.95 (3-6 months), Nylon Pre-filter: $39.50, Plates cost $160 to replace if broken or chipped

Yearly Costs: $100.00

Speeds/Decibel Level: SPEEDS-NOISE LEVEL: Powerful 3 speed Fan: Low -40db, High 55 decibels

Pro’s - Good for Smoke

Cons - Not good for Pollen

Warranty - 1 year- parts and labour from date of purchase new only.

Number of Speeds - 3

SIZE & WEIGHT - (ease of moving to different rooms): Weighs 30 pounds - 19" by 15" by 21.5" Filters - Pre, Electrostatic, Carbon

Friedrich Air Purifier Particle Test

"Richardson" Air Purifier Rating

1. Technologies Included: (out of of 10 technologies) 3

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 5

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.) 1

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke) 2

5. Longevity/Quality 7

6. Noise Levels 3

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty 4

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 8

10. Price Value 4

Score: 46 = Fair


If you have a lot of dust or smoke then it might be of use, or you have a heavy duty application (warehouse, garage, etc.) where you can wash it out every day or so then it might be a fit. It's too big and ugly for a house, doesn't collect enough pollen (no Hepa), and won't kill germs and bacteria for my liking.

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