Fellowes Air Purifier

by Azizur Rahman
(England, Manchester)

Has anybody in your organisation dealt with the De Longhi AC 150 air purifier I was looking at this model and the Fellowes air purifier model both very similar?

I was not able to find many reviews for the de longhi. My wife suffers with bad hayfever. I am from England so there is limited air purifier. would be greatfull for your assistance. The fellowes comes with 5 yr limited warranty the de longhi only 2 year's.

A; We haven't seen these models do much in the states, so here's the information I have. I have not personally tested either one so I am going on the spec sheets and the reviews I have seen.

HAYFEVER: The key with your wife's hayfever is the HEPA filter - so these would probably work fine. We don't see the DeLonghi here in the states (at least I haven't) where they are better known for their coffee machines.

SIZE: Depending on the size of the room you have it in (if it's a small bedroom you might buy a smaller HEPA machine.

The Fellowes covers 300 square feet and has HEPA, Carbon, Plasma (really just ion). It has many reviews that express that there are some noise problems with it so sleep might be an issue.

The DeLonghi has good UK reviews with Anti-dust Pre-filter, HEPA Filter against the small Particles, active carbon Filter, special Photo-Catalyst filter with UV. I couldn't find the square footage however.
$ L249.95

WARRANTY: Make sure you check what "Limited" warranty means - as I have seen cases where by the time they fix it and you pay for shipping you would have been better with the shorter warranty.

FILTERS: Also check the replacement filters as typically hepas last 6-8 months...

Sorry I couldn't help more...

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