Facts About Air Purifiers

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There are many facts about air purifiers, and many more misconceptions about air purifiers in the world. For over 30 years, I've been involved with air purifiers and helping thousands of people get cleaner air. The following facts are designed to shorten the learning curve and get you educated to find the right air purifier for you.

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To begin your journey in learning the facts about air purifiers, here are some questions you will need to be able to answer:

1) Which of the ten available Air Purifier Technologies match your needs? (And if you don't know those 10 technologies watch the video below)

2) What is the square footage for my room? This is determined by multiplying the width by the length. (You can approximate this, but be sure to factor in high ceilings.)

Once you have these two questions answered view the air purifier comparison chart on our top ten models to see ratings, square footage, filters included,warranty info, and prices. The video further down the page will walk you through the technologies and what to look for. Because each technology has different strengths and weaknesses (EX: HEPA is good for allergies but not odor) it's likely you'll be looking for a multi-technology air purifier. The chart below can be more easily viewed on smaller screens via the link to the right.

Consider The Top 3 Reasons Why Most People Choose The Wrong Air Purifier

There are three primary reasons why most people choose the wrong air purifiers. Here are the top 3:

Mistake #1: Not knowing the 10 technologies and buying an air purifier that misses the technology that solves your problem.

REASON 2: You don't understand some of the questionable practices of air purifier manufacturers (EX: you end up buying an air purifier with a limited warranty, or overpriced replacement filters).

REASON 3: You pay too much for an air purifier because the infomercial or marketing convince you it will solve your problem.

To compare air purifiers properly you'll want to use this information to choose the best one for you.

Facts About Air Purifiers - More Reviews

How to Understand Air Purification Technology

Become A Smart Shopper

There's no replacement for getting educated about what you're buying, especially with a larger purchase like an air purifier. You'll have it (likely) for years. Save money and "Stay Smart my Friends"!

Facts About Air Purifiers - Conclusion

If you watched the 10 technologies video, and figured out your square footage, then it's time to begin doing some comparisons. You'll find more air purifier video comparisons and stat sheets on the major brands via the left menu.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped others...

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