Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work For Asthma, Allergies... etc ?

When I am asked "Do ionic air purifiers work " I share how I started using ionic air purifiers in the 1960's for asthma and allergies. So do they work for asthma? NOPE. I wanted help with asthma and allergies to cats, dogs, dust and pollen. In fact it brought on an asthma attack. I'll explain why shortly.

It was in the 1990's that the Sharper Image model (an ionic air purifier) was finally removed from TV for the very reason that caused my asthma attack.

Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work For Allergies ?

NOPE! Well maybe I would more truthfully say it will help with allergies to smoke and odors. It will not be effective in helping dust or pollen.

The plates use positive and negative charges to attract pollutants. They just don't work well since most dust and pollen does not have very much electrical charge. The static electricity effect from the plates (which also creates the zapping noise in the Oreck air purifier, often complained about) will attract a little dust. Just not very much.

The Problem with Ionic Air Purifiers

The problem with some Ionizers is this:

The washable "plates" in ionic air purifiers can often create dangerous levels of ozone. This created confusion for consumers because most consumers don't understand the difference between ions, ionizers and ozone.

Ionizers are different from ozone machines. While Ionizer plates aren't made intentionally to create ozone some ionizers (because of their design) happen to create ozone.

What Do Ionic Air Purifiers Help With?

Ionic air purifiers will help with smoke, pollution and odor. If you are a smoker, or have someone closeby who smokes the ionic air purifier would be a good low-cost way to remove smoke. That's because the washable plates would save you from having to replace HEPA filters.

The other scenario for ionic air purifiers is to remove car and truck fumes from inside your car or home. For that reason you can get a small "plug in the cigarette lighter" ionizer for a small charge ($7-20).

Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work ? Conclusion

An ionizer is different from ozone machines, but can create ozone. The fact that an ionizer doesn't work particularly well for dust or pollen may be the reason to look at air purifiers that use HEPA instead. See the comparison chart video below

Do Ionic Air Purifiers Work? Compare Them to Other Air Purifiers

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