Delonghi AC230 Air Purifier Review

by Jeffrey Vella
(Hong Kong)

Hi there,

I've been going through your website which has been super informative. I notice you have put Delonghi Air Purifiers into the junk bin... however I've been unable to establish the models you have looked at and whether you have looked at any of the current model Delonghi Air Purifiers such as the AC230? I only ask as I was looking at one of these and on paper it looked pretty reasonable and used a number of technologies. Have you looked at this model and could you give me your views on this please? I realise it might be no IQAir or BlueAir but we only have a relatively small apartment and this seemed to be a reasonable price. The environment we live in however can suffer from a bit of pollution. Thank you for your assistance with this. Kind regards, Jeff


For the price it's not bad, although the replacement filters are WAYYYYY overpriced so you have to consider if you will save money overtime. Manufacturers often do that (as with printers - but the printer cheap and then the cartridges are expensive.).

The multi technologies are fine and a few online reviews speak well of it. For thsoe of us in the U.S. Amazon has a sale on them right now and you can read the reviews here:

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