Could you review the Germ Guardian Air Purifier?

by Michelle

Hi, Just wondering if the Germ Guardian is a good choice.

A: It depends on the size of the room and what you're trying to accomplish. Plus there are many Germ Guardian air purifier models now so I'll give a basic overview of the Guardian air cleaners:

Germ Guardian (like Honeywell) are your more low priced air purifiers with HEPA and UV primarily sold on and elsewhere. I'll put it in the same category as the tabletop Honeywell air purifier I bought in college when I was on a limited budget. At least the HEPA did remove the dust in my room which relieved my allergies.

Well...low priced... maybe I would say cheap. If you have a small bedroom then it might be a choice since most only cover 100-300 square feet. If you have a space larger than 10x15 then I think you'd be smart to spend $50-100 more and get a more solid model.

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