Comparing Air Purifiers


Has comparing air purifiers become a daunting task? For over 30 years I've been involved with air purifiers and have helped make recommendations for thousands of people. Follow the four steps below and shorten your learning curve to find the right air purifier for you.

STEP #1: Learn the 10 Technologies

People often ask me "Mark, what's the best air purifier?". The answer I give is "The one with the technology that matches your needs".Of course few people know all 10, and how each can (or can't) help.

So before you return to comparing air purifiers online let me ask you two questions:

1) "What are the 10 technologies?" and

2)"Which of these 10 will help your problem?"

The short video below will educate you to the 10 types of air purification.

STEP #2: Estimate Square Footage

[This is covered in the second half of the video above]

The second step involves the next bit of information you'll want when comparing air purifiers. That is 1) your square footage, and 2) how manufacturers rate square footage. The first part is fairly easy - measuring the room size and multiplying. However if you have high ceilings you need to boost the square footage up as most air purifier square footage (as seen on the box or the specification sheet) is based on 7-8 foot ceilings. For 10 foot ceilings add 25%, Cathedral ceilings 30-40%.

Manufacturers are prone to exaggerate square footage and you'll want to allow for that when comparing air purifiers as well. Some technology like HEPA requires that the air going through the machine determines square footage. Other technologies like negative ions and Ozone go out into the room to clean the air, which allows manufacturers to increase the numbers. Most companies numbers are based on cleaning all the air in the room once an hour. However for allergies or asthma you'll want to clean the air 2-4 times an hour for allergy relief.

STEP #3: Read My Comparison Chart

Now that you know the technologies you want (step 1) and the square footage (step 2) you can begin to compare more effectively. The comparison chart below of the top air purifiers on the market can begin to give you some choices.

A few other things to consider:

1) Find 3-4 models that fit your technology and square footage needs.

2) Be careful to look for the replacement filter costs. Most manufacturers overcharge for the replacement filters which can cost you over time.

3) Make sure you also review the warranty policy on the complete reviews for each model. Often warranties that sound good have hidden costs or are pro-rated to the companies benefit.

STEP #4: Watch The Video Reviews

Now that you've reviewed the comparison chart on the left menu you'll find links to written and video reviews, including particle tests, and specifications of most air purifiers.

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