How to Compare Best
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Before you start to compare best air purifiers you should be able to answer these questions:

1) Out of the 10 Air Purifier Technologies which ones match my needs? (And if you aren't aware of what the 10 technologies are then watch the video that's furtehr down the page on the 10 technologies)

2) How many square feet do I need to cover for my room? This can be calculated by simply multiplying the width by the length. (You can approximate the number, but be sure to factor in high ceilings. Most air purifiers are based on 7 foot ceilings)

Once you've answered these two questions watch the air purifier comparison voideo and read the comparison chart below on the top 10 air purifier models to check ratings, square footage, filters or technology included, warranty terms, and pricing. Another video further down the page will walk you through the ten air purifier technologies and which ones will match your needs. Because each of the ten technologies has different pros and cons (EX: a HEPA air purifier is the best for allergies but is not good at all for odors) it's likely you'll be wanting for a multi-technology air purifier. The comparison chart below can be a good starting point for suggested models. You'll find discounts on the top ten or best air purifier pages on this site.

Consider Why Most People Choose The Wrong Air Purifier

There are several reasons why most people choose the wrong air purifiers. Here are the top 3 I have found:

Mistake #1: You don't know the ten technologies and end up overlooking the technology that solves your specific problem.

REASON 2: You don't understand some of the questionable practices of air purifier manufacturers (EX: you end up buying an air purifier with a very limited warranty, or it has overpriced HEPA replacement filters).

REASON 3: You pay too much for an air purifier because the infomercial or marketing convince you that it will solve your problem and it doesn't.

To compare air purifiers properly you'll want to use this information to choose the best one for you.

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How to Compare Air Purifiers

Conclusion - How To Compare Best
Air Purifiers

The best results come from becoming educated on the technologies and knowing which air purifier will fit your needs.

This is my recommended air purifier for 2 reasons - the 9 technologies and the affordable hepa filter price.

1. Technologies Included: (out of of 10 technologies) 9

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 9

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.) 8

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke) 7

5. Longevity/Quality 10

6. Noise Levels 9

7. Ease of Use 9

8. Warranty 10

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 10

10. Price Value 10

Rated Score: 91 = Excellent

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