Clean air delivery rate (CADR)

by Nancy
(Gilbertown AL USA)

What is the CADR of the Alive Air?


CADR is a method of air quality measurement offered by a political lobby group in Washington called AHAM...(Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). It is not an independent lab (althoughit's measurements are accurate) or a consumer-related lobby. It represents big manufacturers interests. It also costs $12,000 a year to use their CADR findings on websites.

The Alive Air Purifier was originally tested by them for CADR , and paid the fees, but stopped for several reasons:

1) CADR only shows airflow rate, but doesn't supply info on the filtration quality or technology that clears the air. Other labs, independent labs are now used instead. Good CADR numbers on some models we believe are very cheaply made gives the wrong impression.
2) Some political practices by AHAM related to overseas factory protection was believed to be manipulative of foreign workers.
3) Alive Air is not into politics and would rather use the $12,000 toward keeping prices low than to belong to AHAM.

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