Chinese Air Pollution 2013-2016

Chinese Air Pollution is on the rise. if you've ever been there you know that it's been bad a very long time. China air is some of the most toxic, and non-regulated air in the world. The growth of production factories (and the growth of China as an economic power because of it) has increased the cancer numbers, acid rain, and more.

According to the China Air Purifier Industry Report they forecast that:

"China's output of air purifier will reach 17.8 million units in 2016, with an increase of about 16% in 2013-2016."  

In 2010-2013, household appliance companies at home and abroad have entered the Chinese air purifier market successively, accompanied by a substantial growth in sales volume.

Daikin that cracked the Chinese market in 2010 witnessed a year-on-year increase of 2.6 times in air purifier products in January 2013;

Sharp that entered China in 2011 saw a year-on-year rise of 2 times in the sales volume of air purifier in January 2013;

as of February, 2013, Vatti that tapped into the field of household air purifier in early 2012 reached cumulative sales volume of over 20,000 units."  

Production Increases

In the context of hot market sales, many companies have enhanced their
production capacity:

Panasonic since January 2013, for example, has raised the operating rate of its air purifier factory in China to 150% of the same period last year;

Sharp's factory in Shanghai is under expansion;

Honeywell will also increase investment in the research and development of air and water purification.

At the same time, the export-oriented Chinese enterprises have also begun to accelerate the layout of domestic market.  


As is often the case the US market for health products ( like air purifiers) is driven by health awareness, and other countries like China in many ways are years behind. But perhaps it is the same cycle with Chinese Air Pollution as it was with U.S. air pollution in the 1950's and 1960's: It takes a rise in health problems before any awareness occurs and regulation starts to happen.

Info about Chinese Air Pollution from NPR

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