China pollution air purifiers

by helena

This is about particles, the main concern in China.
How do I know the effectiveness of the PM2,5, I understand that HEPA filters are efficient - but would you say other techniques also work just as well?


Most air pollution is gas, with some small particles, so it depends on what you're dealing with.

While HEPA is best for dust and pollen if it's industrial smog or smoke you're dealing with then otehr things will work better. Negative IOn is an inexpensive must because it will attach itself to some airborne pollution and disable it. It's also good for the lungs to help against the onslaught of toxins.

Carbon and/or Zeolite bags are good for trapping gas. I mention bags because they can be reused and washed.

Electrostatic also can pull many toxins from the air. Did that help?

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