CARB approval for Air purifiers in california

by Tony
(Toronto, Canada)

I just have a comment on the Alive Air after reading your review.

Is Alive Air product approved by CARB yet? It doesn't seem to be listed in CARB's approved air purifier yet.

California Air Resource Board requires air purifier will not emit more than 50ppb ozone. With the Tranmacell, (electrostatic preciptator) and TiO2 + UV seems it will generate a good level of ozone.

One thing about the UV lamp, typically UV lamp will degraded with time. You will be surprised about the life is only about a year. Intensity will loss pretty quick.

I like this air purifier not because of the 9 stages. The arrangement of the HEPA, Charcoal in one single filter unit is good as the charcoal will be saturated with time and it will be replaced together with the HEPA filter forcing the consumer to keep the air purifier with it's best capability.

I think the UV+TiO2 can only be function is the UV lamp being maintained, however, O3 emission should be checked. It will be great if it's CARB approved.

My Response

It is CARB approved (which is not a new low-cal diet). You'll see the Alive Air listed under the factory name on the list, not under the Alive Air Name. Unfortunately it is not available in Canada however, or maybe it is shipped from the states. I'd call them. Eh?


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