Car air purifier testing

by Fred Zoepfl
(Ashburn, VA USA)

Dear Mark:

What tests would you recommend for car air purifiers? I am working with a car air purifier manufacturer that wants to sell their products in the US market. Their devices use medical-grade HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and a photocatalyst with UV light. These devices are very inexpensive (under $50) and can treat about 25 m3/hr.

The California (CARB) ozone emission test would be required. The AHAM CADR test would also be required, but it does not measure any reductions of common air pollutants such as NOx, SOx, VOCs, etc. I think it is only for airborne particulates.

Could you possibly test these air purifiers for me? There are several different models. If not, could you please suggest an independent lab that could test these air purifiers?

Thanks for your help.

My Response

I agree with everything you said. I'll also say after having dealt with China and seeing people cheated via Alibaba, etc. be careful when dealing with China on business. $50 sounds high for a car air purifier, but great that it has HEPA.

You're right about CARB. AHAM is very expensive and they'll charge you a ton each year for CADR ($10k last I looked) ie: to even say CADR in advertising and literature. I don't use them anymore because they are a political lobby for manufacturers in Washington, although they do the whole particle test thing. It's not as good as it sounds.

While you don't need to test the VOC levels to sell in the US (I think in most cases the technology speaks for itself) There are a variety of test kits designed to identify formaldehyde, tobacco smoke and common VOC’s. Costs range from $65 to $125. Do a search for VOC home testing. A lab will cost too much at an early stage of business.


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Sep 23, 2015

by: Mark

My Response

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