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As an expert in air purifier technology I buy air purifiers all the time to test and try. I have owned, and tested, over 180 air purifiers since 1969. The range of price and technology varies greatly, as does the need of each persons home.

If you know which model you want to buy then continue down to my some of my buying hints. If you're not sure which one you want then I suggest you go to the home page (link below) to watch the video on the 10 technologies and that you review the comparison chart on this site.

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There are benefits to buying new, and benefits to buying used. I'll cover both of these areas along with my buying hints in the following sections, but in general:

Buying a new Air Purifiers offer these benefits:

1- Most manufacturers have 30-60 days of unconditional returns allowing you to return it for any reason. If the seller is not an authorized dealer then this does not apply.

2 - If you buy directly from the manufacturer they will be more motivated to make you happy if you have a problem. This may not be true with stores or online sellers.

Buying used offers these benefits:

1 - You can often buy a used unit for 30-50% less than new.

2 - Many people use their air purifier very little, so you can get "like new' units for a fraction of the cost

Buying Used on Ebay

Many, many, bargains to buy air purifiers on Ebay and Amazon exist. Here's what to look for and how to order on Ebay:

Ebay - I have bought and sold several hundered air purifiers on Ebay. Many times you can buy a new unit for less than the retail price, although you have to watch as to whether the warranty is still in effect.

Auctions - The best time to buy air purifiers on ebay is midweek, as there are fewer bids during the work week.

What to Watch for:

-Often people sell air purifiers that have used filters in them. Many air purifiers have overpriced air filter replacements to begin with so ask what shape it is in. I bought one air purifier and after I bought the replacement filter it needed it cost me as much as a new unit would have.

- As a general rule I try to buy air purifiers for $100-200 off the retail price.

Amazon Air Purifiers

Amazon stocks very few air purifiers, and most often you'll find people that drop ship to you after Amazon takes the order. Amazons return policy is very geared toward the consumer which is good if you are worried about not being happy with it.

Some brand names sell for less on Amazon, and re-manufactured models can sometimes be found as well to save money. Clicking on the air purifier below to see an example and to read Amazon reviews. Amazon is a great place to read reviews on these models as well. But I haven't found Amazon to have the best prices, for this I stick with Ebay.


The most important things is first knowing which air purifier you want, and that's where most people fail.

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