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Which Best Buy Air Purifier is Best?



In this review I'll be answering the following questions:

1) What are the most popular air purifier models on the market?

2) What brands sold at Best Buy stores are any good (if any)?

3) What do you consider the top Best Buy air cleaner ?

Because I live in Minnesota, near their headquarters, I've had a chance to watch their test cases on air purifiers in their local stores.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

There are popular air purifiers and then there is a much more important factor:

Which best buy air purifier is best for you?

The answer depends primarily on the proper square footage, which of the 10 air purifier technologies matches your needs, and your budget. Other considerations include filter replacement costs (most often overpriced), warranty and guarantee terms, noise, quality, and customer service.

Don't know the ten technologies? You can learn about all 10 technologies and what they help by watching the video on the home page:

Consumer Reports Air Purifier Purchase Mistakes

Consumers often purchase air purifiers only to discover that:

1) The air cleaner they chose did not help the problem they have

2) The air purifier was too loud for sleep

3) The replacement hepa filters were overpriced

You can avoid these mistakes by reviewing the comparison chart below.

Best Buy Air Purifier Models

The air purifiers sold on (currently there are 20 models) are drop shipped from the supplier, not from BestBuy directly. This is also true for Target, Home Depot and other big box stores. Amazon does have a few models that they ship directly, with special arrangements they make with the manufacturer.

Best Buy currently sells these brands:



Sharp Plasmacluster


Ionic Pro

[you can find reviews on all these models via the left menu]

My Suggestion

Because these companies do not service or ship directly my suggestion is to purchase directly from the company for better service, and cost. The exception is if you love BestBuys service or their policy protects you from problems with quality.

The Air Purifiers sold in their stores (when they do) are generally the less expensive models from Hunter and Honeywell. They are the more profitable models, and being small take up less space on their shelves. I don't recommend most of the models they have in their stores. For awhile they sold (or tried to sell) some of the better rated models, but that hasn't worked out for any of the big box stores.

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Q: Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

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