Best Room Air Purifiers -
3 Things To Consider


Thousands of people have asked me: "What are the best room air purifiers?"

And I always respond with these 3 questions:

1) What's your air problem? (IE: asthma, allergies, odor, mold, etc.)

2) Is it a small room or a large room? (Square footage)

3) And how much do you want to spend?

That's because there are 10 different types of purification and each does something different. What works for one problem won't work on others. An example would be an ionic air purifier (good for smoke and odor) when you have allergies to pollen which would require a HEPA air purifier. And because each air purifier covers a different square footage you don't want one too small or too big. You can also pay too much for a unit that has expensive replacement filters.

When the Best is Not The Best

Many sites may claim having the " best room air purifier " but often it's not the "Best" for your needs. Each room is different.

By following the video instructions below you'll be able to narrow your search and determine the best match for your needs.

STEP 1: Learn the 10 Technologies

STEP 2: Square Footage Problems

High Ceilings and furniture does affect square footage (as is listed on most air purifier boxes). Most square footage is based on 7-8 foot ceilings, and is based on an empty room. Allow for this in your calculations.

I often receive emails and phone calls about small room air purifiers as well. Yes, many air purifiers are simply too big for, let's say a 10 x 12 room. That's only 120 square feet.

Informed Comparisons

Now that you have a list of technologies you want, and the square footage, you might want to view the comparison chart (see link below) and watch some of the video and written reviews on this site for the air purifier that fits your needs.

Best Room Air Purifiers Compared

My Favorite Under $150 Air Purifier

My favorite small room air purifier is the Alive Air Mini seen in the video below:

The link below has more information on the Alive Air Mini and where to purchase it.

Best Small Room Air Purifiers

Q: Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

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