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OVERVIEW: Here you'll find the best rating air purifier reviews. The reason we claim that is because there is no other site that includes: specification sheets, particle tests, and complete video reviews which take you inside each air purifier.

Best Rating Air Purifier ?

Many websites claim to have the most definitive rating methods but the problem is that each persons air purifier needs are different. Here are several examples of why there can be no "best rated air purifier":

Small Room? Most best rated air purifier s are the larger models.

Mold Problem? HEPA air purifiers are ineffective for mold, yet the best rating air purifier on the market is a HEPA air purifier.

Asthma? You would be ill advised to buy an Ozone air purifier as it can irritate sensitive lungs and trigger asthma.

How About Consumer Reports ?

While you might review the Consumer Reports Magazine best rating air purifier list (from a few years ago) for information "best" does not equal "best for you". In fact one of their top rated suggestions - the Friedrich Air Purifier - is a huge, loud machine which is less than effective at dust and pollen being an "electrostatic " machine. (See my review on the Friedrich).

Particle Tests

Bacteria Tests

A bacteria test can be a way to determine the effectiveness of an air purifier in getting rid of bacteria, germs, mold, bacteria and in some tests viruses. The primary methods to accomplish this through an air purifier is with Ultraviolet light, Tio2, or with Ozone.

Most air purifier are not tested for this, and while germs, bacteria and viruses may not be your primary concern it can be a consideration. If you have allergies and asthma, for example, dust and pollen would be a first concern. However viruses and germs can trigger asthma and allergies as well, and weaken an already compromised immune system.

Decibel Tests

The primary reason for looking at volume tests (volume is tested in decibel) is to determine:

Will the air purifier be quiet enough that it doesn't disturb my sleep?

Will I notice this air purifier on while I am watching TV or doing work?

For sleep anything under 20-25 decibels is considered quiet

A Better Rating Method

A better method to determine the best air purifier for you is to create your own rating system based on "your needs". First determine which technologies you need, then how much square footage you want to cover, and compare features using the comparison chart on this site, and then watch view reviews to narrow your search. Otherwise you are going by someone else's rating as to which one they feel is best, but not necessarily the one that fits your need.

The following Video walks you through these steps to help you find the right air purifier...

Best Rating Air Purifier 

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