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To determine which are the Best Ionic Air Purifiers we've assembled video reviews, consumer reviews, particle tests and technical information to help you be an informed consumer. But we begin our discussion with an overview of defining what an ionic air purifier is, what it's good for, not good for, plus a revealing look at some of the health risks that some of them create for the lungs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many people now categorize all air purifiers as ionic air purifiers or as ionizers - however ionic is really just one of ten types of air purifier. To review all ten types watch the video on the home page which demonstrated all 10. The video below provides an overview of the ionic or ionizer air purifier…

What Is an Ionic Air Purifier ?

Ionic Air Purifiers are also called " electrostatic air purifiers "or simply " ionizers ". Any variations of these names are basically the same technology - which is electrically charged plates or grids that can attract and kill some particles/molecules in the air.

Is Ionic for you? It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Ionic air purifiers are the most inexpensive to make, and hence most inexpensive to buy and maintain. But ionic purifiers are not considered the best.

Dangers of Ionic Air Purifiers - Ozone

The video below explains how many of the best ionic air purifiers unintentionally create dangerous ozone, which can harm lungs and airways. It also explains how machines like the Ionic Breeze were removed from the market for this reason.

Pros and Cons of Ionic


1 - Inexpensive

2 - No replacement filters - washable

3 - Destroys odors, kills smoke and some pollution.

4 - Energy efficient


1 - No Hepa (Best for allergies)

2 - Creates ozone (harmful for sensitive lungs)

3 - Does not help with germs, bacteria, viruses

4 - Not effective for pollen or dust

You actually don't find as many ionic air purifiers as others, either because they are not considered very good for allergies or particle removal, or because of the ozone problem. Some of these models cannopt be sold in Califo0rnia due to the new ozone laws there.

1 - Oreck XL Air Purifier (video review below)

2 - Friedrich electrostatic air purifier (video review below)

3 - Ionic Breeze Air Purifier (removed from the market)

4 - Ionic Pro

5 - Light Air purfier

6 - Hamilton Beach Ionic Tower

7 - Five Star Ionizer

8 - Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper

9 - Surround Air Ionic Air Purifier

10 - 3Q electrostatic Ionic Air Purifier

Here are some of these models reviewed in VIDEO. Pay particular attention to the particle test on a big ionic air purifier showing how the particle count is high.


Now you've learned that the ionic air purifiers are not the best for removing particles from the air. So if your problem is allergies to dust or pollen you'll want something with HEPA.

If you're problem is primarily smoke or odors then an inexpensive ionic air purifier would be a good value. To see how the ionic air purifiers compare to other types of air purifiers see the comparison chart video and chart below.

Best Ionic Air Purifiers Compared to Others

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