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Best Home Air Purifier

If you're searching for the best home air purifiers 2016, unfortunately you're going to get as many answers as there are websites. A much better question to ask is this:

"What's the best home air purifier for my home?"

And the answer to that question is: "The one that fits your problem, the size of the room, and your budget". Each persons needs are different. EX: two people have a dust problem but one person has a large 800 square foot living room, the other a 12 x 12 bedroom. Many people buy air purifiers too small for the job, and I've seen people needlessly spend $800 on a large air purifier for a small room.

Most popular air purifier websites use the confusion to make more money - by selling expensive air purifiers which may not do the proper job but that are labeled "Best". Unlike other sites the reviews on this site give you particle tests, pro's and con's and specifications to help you find the best one for you.

In the following videos you'll soon be headed for an answer to finding the best home air purifier - based on what you'll be learning. But first here are the four necessary steps:

4 Steps to the Best Home Air Purifier...for YOU!

STEP 1 - Discover and know the 10 air purifier technologies available to determine which will help your problem.

STEP 2 - Square Footage: Measure (or estimate) the square feet (Video #1 explains how doorways and high ceilings affect this number and how many manufacturers "cheat" the numbers).

STEP 3 - Examine the comparison chart to determine several models that match your discovery from Step 1 & 2.

STEP 4 - Watch videos and reviews of each model, including particle tests, via the left menu.

Follow these four steps, in order, and you will soon discover the best rated home air purifier for you.

STEPS 1 & 2: Ten Technologies and Square Footage

The following video explains the pro's and con's of the top 10 air purification technologies, and how to measure square footage:

In review the ten technologies are:


2) Ultraviolet

3) Tio2

4) Pre-Filters

5) Carbon

6) Electrostatic

7) Negative Ions

8) Ozone

9) Zeolite

10) Water, etc.

Steps 3 & 4

Now that you know the 10 technologies, and square footage, you should have a better idea of the specifications needed for your home.

Armed with the knowledge of step 1 and 2 you can now proceed to step 3 and 4. The comparison chart and reviews via the menu to your left, or via the link below, will help you determine which brands may be suitable.

Best Home Air Purifiers 2016 Comparisons

Best Home Air Purifiers 2016

Top 10 Home Air Purifiers

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