Best Air Purifiers - Which is Best For You?


I'll start by saying that the " Best Air Purifiers " (according to any online reviews) have only a 99% chance of being the wrong air purifier for you.

Here's why:

1 - There are 10 technologies. Do you know them? Do you know which ones fit your needs?

2 - Most air purifiers only use 2-3 technologies and choose incorrectly.

3 - Most manufacturers overcharge for replacement filters so consumers end up spending too much.

4 - The size of the room (square footage) will determine which air purifier is best and since all air purifiers are different - most people choose one that is too big or small.

Finding The Best Air Purifiers For YOU!

A better approach is to take the following four steps:

1 - Watch Part 1 of the Video below: 10 Technologies Explained

2 - Then watch Part 2: How to Determine Square Footage

3 - Review the Comparison Chart (via the left menu) to match several models against your chosen technologies and square footage

4 - Watch the Video Reviews on the site of each chosen model,read the specification sheets, and pro's and con's of each model

5 - Make an informed decision


Comparisons and Reviews

By now you should know which of the 10 air purifier technologies you want in your machine, and the proper square footage to cover. Now the Comparison chart (SEE LINK BELOW OR LEFT MENU) will provide you with enough choices to match your needs and square footage.

I've included replacement filter costs and warranty information which can be important in terms of operating costs and long term reliability. Filters should not cost over $80 (no matter how big) and Warranties should be a minimum of 3-4 years, ideally five.

Once you have several potential matches then the video reviews should help you determine the best for your needs. Call me if you need any advice at 1-800-215-1689. Good Luck!

Mark Richardson

Best Air Purifiers Comparison Chart

Q: Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

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