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On the left you'll find links to the best air purifier reviews on the web - including the most well known brand names in the world like Oreck, IQAIR, Austin, Honeywell, Alive Air, Alen, and more. In these reviews I hope to clear the air (sorry about the pun) of the misinformation, scams, and misleading information within the industry.

As a former Health Practitioner with 33 years in the air purifier industry, including 5 years working with manufacturers in China, I am providing insider information you can't find anywhere else. I will also be drawing information from the Health Practitioners, Air Purifier designers, and Technicians I work with in the industry.

As a former asthma and chronic allergy sufferer I know what it means to fight to breathe. Today I fight for healthier air and search for natural ways to improve the lives of others. [ best air purifier reviews ]

Each Air Purifier Review Includes:

In my opinion the best air purifier reviews need to include:

* Video reviews that take you inside each model to see the actual filters, motors, and features

* Comparison charts which include square footage, filters included, and replacement filter costs.

* Pro's and Con's of each brand

* Consumer complaints and reviews

* Particle tests and decibel tests by myself or as provided by the manufacturer

* Reports from some of the Scientists and Health Practitioners I work with in the industry. * Quality Control Information from the manufacturing plant

*More tests, videos, and new information on each model will be added over time.

Best Air Purifier Reviews - The Comparison Chart

"Which Is The Best Air Purifier?"

My Answer: "The one that matches your needs".

You see it all depends on what problem you have. For allergies I'd usually have you start with a HEPA filter. For Mold I would star with negative ions, or even Ozone (despite it's problems) in extreme mold cases. For smoke I might go for electrostatic or Carbon. For viruses and germs maybe Tio2 with Ultraviolet light.

Here's a Video That Explains The 10 Types of Air Purifiers.

How Do I Decide?

To make the best decision involves 4 steps:

1 - Learning the 10 technologies to determine which of the 10 technologies you need (see the video above)

2 - Determine the square footage

3 - Choose several possible brands using the comparison chart to match technologies and square footage (see comparison chart via left or right menu or link above)

4 - Watch the video reviews, particle tests and written reviews on each model

For me the Best Air Purifier Reviews have to include the following:

1 - Particle tests to determine it's ability to remove dust and pollen

2 - Decibel test to determine noise

3 - Sewage or other forms of testing to kill bacteria, germs, etc.

4 - A comprehensive list of warranty issues, consumer feedback, and cost issues (replacement filters, etc.)

You'll find that I have tried to include as much of this information as possible.

Insider Information Reveals Problems in the Industry

A few months ago I was speaking with a friend who is the all time top seller on Home Shopping Club (I promised him I wouldn't reveal his name for this article). He's not with HSC anymore but you still see him everyday on TV with his own infomercials.

We were talking about the first air purifier TV commercial which was many years ago. He was the pitch person on that commercial. I asked why it didn't have HEPA filters in it, because we both knew that purifier wasn't great at cleaning the air. He told me that the cost from China to have it made was $35, and they sold it for $300 on TV. There was so much profit (even though the commercials cost a lot of money) that there wasn't any interest in improving the model to add HEPA. Making it work better with HEPA would have meant retooling, making it larger, etc.

Our Goal

My goal on this site is to help you quickly determine which type of filters solve your problem, and then by using the comparison charts and reviews you'll be able to chose which model is the best value for your budget. It takes a lot of time to create what I believe are the best air purifier reviews online.

Blessings and May You Breathe Better,

Mark Richardson

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