Best Air Purifier for Fragrances

by Richard
(Irvine CA)

Which purifier is best for colognes and fragrances?

A: That's a tough one. My suggestion is to get yourself some Zeolite (in bags) which will absorb chemicals and fumes and you can reuse it by putting it out in the sun.

The second choice is to get some kind of an electrostatic air purifier which can often knock out the fragrance and odor chemicals.

Negative IOn generators can also work sometimes depending on the oils. (plugin - about $40)

Hepa filters will only start to smell like the fragrance after awhile.

If you're allergic to fragrances read this:


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May 26, 2018
Purifier for fragrances NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a "regular" purifier with a carbon filter--it is great for clean air and eliminates smoke and dust, but not scented products. I have 2 (!) IQ Air GC GAS units. They work well, but the further the unit is from the actual scent the less effective it is. I bought one this year and the first one back in 2013 when I lived in a condo and the neighbors' perfumes, candles, and plug-ins were invading my home. There were just too many places the smell was getting in--even through outlets and pot lights. We moved to a town home in 2016, but just the last couple months are getting bombarded with scented stuff again. Things are great if I am within 15 feet of the purifier, but I am dying otherwise. Vanilla. Hoping to get this solved before September and the onslaught of cinnamon and pumpkin. That's ER territory for me.
Next lines of attack--try the Molekule and call IQAir about their commercial products--sounds like they move/process more air and have more material in their filters than the products they sell regular consumers.

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