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What's the best air purifier for allergies ? A common mistake is assuming that online ratings and reviews tell the whole story. Even though most sites will tell you that a HEPA air purifier is the best air purifier for allergies HEPA will not take every allergen out of the air. As a former allergy and asthma sufferer (and Health Practitioner) I can tell you that each of the ten types of air purifiers do something different when it comes to allergies.

NOTE: If you don't know the 10 air purifier technologies I suggest you watch the video.

It Depends On What You Are Allergic To!

Here are some of the primary technologies and what they help when it comes to allergies:

HEPA - For removing dust, pollen, and animal Dander

Ultraviolet Light - For killing germs, bacteria and mold

Carbon - For absorbing chemicals, odors, and gases

Negative Ion - Supports healthier air, kills mold, and is known to help asthmatics breathe easier

Electrostatic - Kills smoke and odors but is not effective for dust or pollen

Tio2 - Enhances UV light many times to support the immune system

I often suggest to people that they look for air purifiers that include at least HEPA, UV, Negative Ion and Carbon. These 4 technologies will cover most allergy-related problems.

Why You Need More Than HEPA

My reason for more than one technology is that other pollutants (like chemicals and mold) can affect your immune system in a way that causes your primary allergy to become worse. So, for example, if you're only allergic to pollen the effect of mold and household chemicals on the liver overtime will most likely contribute to a greater reactions to pollen.

Ok. Since I mentioned the liver I must explain myself. The Left lobe of the Liver handles many of the toxins we breathe in or ingest. The body has to get rid of these toxins and the Liver has the job of processing them. If the liver gets overwhelmed and cannot do the detox it stores these toxins or chemicals. It also creates histamines to help the body deal with toxins. Too many histamines = more allergic responses.

The more pollutants you can remove for the air the easier it is on the liver and immune system. Overtime this reduced load on the liver can help reduce allergic reactions and also makes for a stronger immune system.

So What is the Best Air Purifier for Allergies?

The best air purifier for allergies is the one that removes both your primary trigger for allergies as well as the secondary problems which can weaken the immune system and cause more allergic sensitivity. So for example if you allergy is to pollen then a HEPA filter is a good technology to have, but because most people allergic to pollen are also allergic to mold then including Ultraviolet light and/or negative ions to kill mold would prevent secondary allergic responses.

Finding The Right Allergy Purifier For You

My suggestion is to learn about the 10 technologies, then review the comparison chart on the comparison page (see left menu) and then watch the video reviews and particle tests on each model on this website.

The link below offers comparisons...

Watch A Video on my favorite allergy air purifier

Best Air Purifier For Allergies

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