Austin Air Pet Machine for forrets

by Evaldas
(Geneva, Switzerland)


First of all, this is a great website and I'm very glad I found it.

I live in a small apartment (~400 sq ft.) and have 2 ferrets and I'm looking for something effective to kill the smell.
By googling the internet I came across the Austin Air Pet Machine and it looks really nice with that huge carbon+zeolite filter, which I guess you don't have to change for years. Although it lacks ionizer, which I'd like to have and some sensor features, which are always nice to have (also I have no idea about the noise level). I didn't find a review on your website, but I'm interested in hearing your opinion on it?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Evaldes,

Austin Air is a good machine, although rather expensive for a small apartment. The carbon and zeolite are more for chemicals than smells, although they work. A Negative Ionizer would be less expensive for odor alone, and wouldn't need to be replaced. I'm not sure what you have available in Switzerland.

My Best,


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