American Air Filter PurAir 400A

by KK
(KL, Malaysia)

Hi there,

I am currently looking for an air purifier and find that your site is very helpful especially in determining which which type of filtration is most efficient in respective function.

I came across this brand American Air Filter (AAF) model PurAir 400A which comes with the following filtration system:
1. Pre-filter
2. Gas Phase Filter
3. HEPA Filter with Intersept
4. Germicidal UV Lights
5. Photocatalyst Net TiO2
6. Ionizer

Hence, I would like to hear a professional review from Top Air Purifier on this model.

Many thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon.


At first look I like the technology it includes. I always like doing reviews based on experiencing and testing the machine itself so the American Air Filter Purifier (neither made nor sold in the U.S.) for now is a review based on specs alone. The price oversease is over $300USD (for you americans who are wondering)

6 stages:

1. Pre-filter - filters ash, dust, smog, impurity

2. Gas phase filter (carbon filter) - filters odor, pollen

3. HEPA filter with InterseptĀ® - filters bacteria, mildew, epiphyte

4. UV light - filters virus, zyme, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

5. Photocatalyst Net TIO2 - filters virus, zyme, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

6. Ionizer

1 year Warranty and 650 square feet. I have a guess who makes it, and if I'm right it's a good model. My guess is a factory I know in China. Plus I think all the technology macthes the one below:

If you buy one please send me a review video or a report.



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