Allergy to fragrances - colognes and perfumes

What do you recommend for severe fragrance allergies? I have an office however perfume/cologne odors are still a problem when someone walks by or wears too much.

A: There are several suggestions I have, both in terms of internal and external ways to alleviate fragrances allergies. I'm also assuming you have a small office or cubicle so an air purifier needs to be small.

You can buy a small plug in "negative ionizer" which will kill much of the fragrance odor (You can find them on Amazon and elsewhere - it's a negative ionizer not an " ionizer air purifier " which is different.) It will kill odor and disable some of the oils in fragrance and aroma. Maybe $30. Plus there's no fan in it so it's silent. It will also increase brain function and alertness.

HEPA won't do anything , but if you find a small tabletop HEPA which has electrostatic the electrostatic will kill much of the odor too.

Electroststaic air purifiers will also do the job. (and you can crank the fan up when you smell odor)

Internally you might look at Antronex - which is a natural anti-histamine.

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